What is Clenbuterol?

Whenever you plan to discuss or explain a subject, for instance a controversial subject like drug medication it pays dividends to start off on the right foot. You should get to know the subject and after learning all you can about it, you can then safely decide whether or not you can take it for your own personal treatment to lose weight. Let’s start by asking the question: What is Clenbuterol? 

Clenbuterol in the modern context

According to experts, clenbuterol is a powerful stimulant that can give your metabolic rate and fat burning ability a real boost. It may also reduce muscle loss when you go on a diet so even though you lose fat, your muscle tone remains intact.

Given that drugs of all types have their side effects, clenbuterol is no exception and has been attributed to causing damage to the heart, potassium deficiency and insomnia.

It has therefore been regarded by some as a high-risk, low benefit drug with a wide range of safer natural options available in its stead.

The positive flip side of Clenbuterol

If you are a regular visitor to the local gym where active athletes and bodybuilders usually hang out, you’ll definitely hear the name of clenbuterol creep into the conversation. Why?

Well, Clenbuterol is akin to controversial and popular steroids and is strongly popular for athletes who engage in bodybuilding. Furthermore, people who appear on stage and other celebs view clenbuterol as a cutting edge pepping up treatment for enhancing performance.

It’s no surprise then that the drug is also the favorite drug booster to everyone who is a fitness fanatic out there.

The shredding of fat is foremost in the minds of many people out there, and it’s not only getting the fat off slowly but surely, but to get it off as fast as possible with the proviso that the muscle tone remain as is! 

Are you thinking along the same lines? If you are then this clenbuterol bandwagon is welcoming people on board. However, before you make up your mind, it’s only fair to reveal the negative side of this weight loss drug. There are a few of them and you’ll find them discussed below.


The negative flip side of Clenbuterol

It’s no surprise that you’ll find many of the negative remarks about clenbuterol on the internet

Those who downplay the drug treatment claim that clenbuterol is of a dubious nature especially in its ability to burn fat.

In addition they also claim that it’s definitely bad for your health, especially the health of your heart even when used at lower dosages.

So there, you have the two sides of the argument and the only thing to do is to determine who is right or wrong.

The inevitable questions pop up

So, who is correct? Can clenbuterol actually increase your fat loss? What about red lights on the side effects? Should you view the warnings as genuinely true?

Are they a bit off the path and are only exaggerations? What else do need to know about the drug so you can hammer the last nail home?

In order to answer these important questions, you need to read on because it’s by doing so that you’ll be given all the answers that you need to know about this drug treatment.

When you finish reading, the whole picture about how clenbuterol actually works, whether it may harm your precious body, how really effective it is and so many more. So read on.

Laying bare the facts about clenbuterol

As already mentioned, clenbuterol is a very strong stimulant that can boost your metabolic rate and fat burning capabilities.

You will find it sold under certain brand names such as Ventipulmin, Dilaterol and Spiropent which has given rise to various nicknames simply as “bute” or “clen” by familiar users.

The drug’s history provides an amusing humble beginning as a veterinary treatment for respiratory complications in animals, especially horses. How? It offers treatment by relaxing the muscles of air passages in order to make breathing easier for horses and other animals.

It was also found that it could be used to clear congestions in human noses and was also used to treat asthma and was therefore used for these treatment purposes for a period of time.

It’s still used for respiratory conditions, but safer and more efficacious options have been identified and used instead of clenbuterol.

How clenbuterol is taken for medical purposes.

Clenbuterol can be taken in three main forms:

  • As a pill
  • A drinkable liquid
  • As an injection

To be honest, none of these forms of clenbuterol have been approved by the FDA for use by humans but despite this, bodybuilders have continued to use the pill form because they can be easily used, keep and transport as well as hide.

Even so, it’s incredibly amazing that clenbuterol has found its way from a medicine for helping horses breathe and run faster to being one of the most popular and effective drugs for bodybuilding.

The most important thing to know about clenbuterol is its ability in binding itself to receptors in the body that react to your body’s epinephrine but clenbuterol causes greater effects than just responding. It actually causes fat burning as well.

Additionally, clenbuterol has the ability to bind itself with cells and in the process activates a synthesis of muscle protein.

This is the reason why muscle tone remains intact even though you are cutting your weight. All these attributes makes clenbuterol a very powerful stimulant.

Why then do people go for clenbuterol?

Simply put, people usually take clenbuterol to fulfill one of two ambitions, either to considerably improve their athletic performance in the first instance and secondly so that they can lose fat faster without sacrificing their muscle tone.

There’s very skimpy evidence to support the claim that clenbuterol does in fact boost athletic performance. However, there’s very little doubt that the drug does in fact accelerate fat loss.

Bottom line

So there you have it! You have now been informed that clenbuterol is a very powerful stimulant that may not improve athletic performance there’s no question that it accelerates fat loss. actually boosts the metabolic rate in a living cell so it can operate faster in doing whatever needs to be done such as burning fat, open air passages and trigger protein synthesis in muscles. It’s also obvious that while clenbuterol