Refunds Returns

We will reship for any lost order provided we are contacted within 8 weeks from the ship date.
No reshipment or refunds will be accepted if reported to us after 8 weeks.

We are happy to replace any order that has not been delivered but on the following


  1. An additional 7 days has elapsed in addition to the standard delivery time since the ship date.  Pre covid was 30 days, Post covid is currently 40 days but times maybe change.
  2. The shipping address provided to us is correct and used your full legal name at time of order.

If you have provided an incorrect address, used a false or incomplete name when ordering, or moved between the time of shipping and the order was not forwarded or held for you then we will reship your order when and if we get the package back if you pay for the shipping charges.  Please note that as returned packages do not always come back as the return postage is not paid by us and many postal centers just destroy the packages.

Clenbuterolsupply Provides 100% satisfaction guaranteed

If your order is damaged in transaction, doesn’t show up, or partially received, we shall dispatch you a new package.

Average normal Shipping time through EMS is 15-22 Days , Please (Delivery may take 30 days from the date of Dispatch, due to if any disruption in postal services due to weather issue or natural disaster etc..).  During Covid mail can take up to 40 days as well please understand post covid world wide situation on shipping times so please currently allow up to 40 days.

If you have not received the package or you received any notification from shipper that your package was on hold, delay or return the sender, we strongly suggest you to please inform us on [email protected]  and we shall resolve the all shipping relating problems on priority.  Please note if it was returned to sender due to you moving addresses, using the wrong ship to zip code address or similar that would void the free reship; however we would reship if you pay for shipping charges if the package does get returned to us.

Reships are sent to the original shipping address no exceptions.  Reshipping to alternate addresses can be discussed if you pay the shipping charges.

Note: if is there any question/queries regarding your order, contact us by email at [email protected]

If you by any chance have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]. All Day Generic is here to please each and every one of our customers.