FAQ & Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting clenbuterolsupply.com and hopefully you will give us the chance to earn you as a repeat customer. We care about your first order but our goal is not to earn one order, our goal is to earn your future orders. We are located in Maharashtra India and have been working in the Pharmacy Industry for many years while clenbuterolsupply.com has been around for the last handful of years. Clenbuterolsupply.com was created to service the Fitness Community and we are active on many forums and we believe in crafting a healthy body and lifestyle and as such we market only Pharma Grade products, everything on our site is made by licensed regulated pharmacy firms. And we strive to keep the products and pricing on Clenbuterolsupply.com the lowest we can while providing the most sales and discounts over other operations.

Pharma Grade is important for the obvious reasons but even more so to the fitness community who are relying on their AI and PCT to protect their health and maximize their fitness regiment. We do not sell nor produce any product made from untested raw material. There is no reason to risk your health and safety on untested home produced products with raw untested raw materials, we are transparent and open about our operations, we do not hide we openly show you our operations. Most firms that operate in the fitness community hide their identity and more, we publicly post our operations and staff, we try to be transparent and responsive to you our clients. Not sure how many other online operations show you as much as we do, we do not know of others like this. Please give us the chance to fulfill your order and give us the opportunity to earn your future orders. If you do not see items on our site, just ask we might be able to secure it and we are happy to recommend other shops that might carry what you are looking for. While we are marketing this shop and operation to the fitness community we service everyone. Please note we do not ship illegal steroids or items like valium or Xanax. We do ship discretely but we do not lie nor stealth packages there is no need to do this.

Privacy Policy

We will never share your information with anyone and we secure our own internal operations so even our own staff can not have access to your email for example, only supervisors can look up orders via emails address as a measure to protect you from unwanted spam. If you sign up for our newsletter you will receive emails with current sales and offers from time to time and possible notices of sales from our associated sites.FAQ Contact: You may reach out to us at [email protected]  and if there bounces or is rejected or down for maintenance you can use [email protected]  as a back up. We do reply timely but due to the time differences our reply could be a day away due to holidays or work shifts. We do reply to every email so please check your spam folder to see if our emails are going there. If you use Yahoo or Hotmail, they are well known to block emails and put them in spam. We do suggest you to create a mail account with gmail as normally gmail works better then these other mail services. Or you can create a free secure email at these sites: https://tutanota.com/ https://protonmail.com/ We have a Protonmail and a tutanota email account and all emails too and from each other that way are secured and encrypted. It is safest in todays age to use a secure email.