Why Athletes Use Clenbuterol for Performance

The popularity of athletics in today’s world is just fantastic and to enjoy it you simply click your phone to a YouTube channel to view the sheer extravagance of these world class events – the stadium, the athletics track, the layout, field equipment and the crowd – there’s nothing like it! And the athletes, well they’re very much part of the show but have you ever wondered why athletes use clenbuterol for performance? Read on.

The “Why” athletes go for clenbuterol

The nickname for clenbuterol is a convenient “clen” and you’d probably never new that it is in fact touted as a drug that actually enhances athletic performance.

To add extra vibe in this popular drug you should at least be aware that it has been banned from practically every competition and is in fact listed under the World Anti-doping Agency and the Olympic Committee as a banned drug.

Have the athletics been intimidated by these bans? That doesn’t appear to be the case as athletes are still taking clenbuterol to enhance their ability to perform and the reasons are obvious.

Clenbuterol is a drug that truly burns fat which means that you can actually lose weight and because weight is lost, there’s less for your body to carry in whatever sporting activity you’re doing.

It’s easy to understand then why anyone would not want to miss the chance of using the drug just to lose a couple of pounds or more, especially from an athlete or bodybuilder’s perspective.

Getting to know more about clenbuterol

For starters we know that clenbuterol can actually burn fat and there’s no denying this fact. By increasing the metabolic rate it can also trigger an increase in body temperature which helps in burning more fat.

We also now know that it stimulates muscle protein synthesis which actually helps in enhancing muscle development in the body.


Delving deeper into the upsides of clenbuterol

We have been told about some of the concerns that people have about clenbuterol and have also been told that despite the disadvantages and the banning of the drug, it continues to have athletes and bodybuilders enthused about its body fat loss and muscle enhancement qualities.

No doubt, the points discussed below will shed a clearer light on the upsides of clenbuterol and provide balance on its behalf. Here are some of them:

In the beginning, clenbuterol was used for treating horses by opening air passages and make breathing easier. Later it was used to help people suffering from breathing illnesses such as asthma.

Now however, it has become popular for something completely different namely, weight loss and bodybuilding.

Present day thinking on clenbuterol

What many people are finding now about clenbuterol is its powerful capacity for burning fat which has become widely known. What is more amazing is that even professional bodybuilders have completely turned their backs on the bad things said about the drug and have taken to it.

It’s called Clen HCL or simply “Clen” for short and it does two things very well which has caught the attention of professional athletes as well as bodybuilders. It can assist in protecting lean mass while at the same time it gets rid of body fat.

Clenbuterol weight loss and bodybuilding

There is an obvious overlap in the relationship between these three things so it’ important for you to know how they work together to produce the results that athletes and body builders find fascinating.


Many people believe that weight gain is the result of slow metabolism and what clenbuterol does to counteract this inaction is by promoting weight loss. How?

First you need to remember that clenbuterol is a Beta-2 drug with somewhat similar structural features that salbutamol has. It’s because of this that the following process takes place:

  • Agonism of Beta-2 receptors cause adenylyl cyclase activity to take place
  • This leads to a relaxation of smooth metabolic activity
  • Clen affects the Beta-2 receptors promoting greater metabolic activity
  • Your body increases the rate at which it uses fat as fuel
  • Weight loss is enhanced.
  • The process can also enable your body to continuously burn fat.

Thermogenic effect

This of course means the generation of heat in the body as a result of a reaction caused by the ingestion of clenbuterol:

  • Clenbuterol increases metabolic activity
  • The increased metabolic activity activates mitochondria (a small or red-shaped body found in the cystoplasm of most cells and produces enzymes for the metabolic conversion of food to energy).
  • The action of mitochondria raises the heat production of cells inside the body by up to 1 degree
  • The increased temperature provides an ideal environment for an efficient fat burning process.


This term means a process by which hydrolysis breaks down fatty substances and other lipids e.g. oils, was, steroids etc.) and reduces fatty acids which are used by the body for producing its energy needs.

Clenbuterol actually boosts lipolysis this way:

  • It induces the PKA (protein kinase A)activity involving PKA a hormone
  • PKA work in consort with lipase and perilipin to increase the lipolysis action.

Increased lean muscle mass

We’ve discussed how clenbuterol gets rid of body fat by increasing the temperature of the body and letting the fat be burnt in the body and also by letting the body use fatty end products created in the body for its energy needs. Either way we have weight loss.

We shall now discuss how lean muscle mass is preserved as the process of burning or cutting fat takes place while protecting an already attained level of muscle mass.

Because of the efficient way that clenbuterol burns fat, most bodybuilders take the drug in order to “cut” all the fat that may start to pool together from the consumption of other products for enhancing the growth of their muscles.

By doing so they are able achieve the clear and firm muscle linings that break out all over their bodies and present a truly imposing physique.

It’s true that with other supplements there’s always the danger that fat cutting may also result in muscle loss but with clenbuterol it doesn’t happen making it a truly unique body building experience. Why? It retains your muscle mass as it burns fat somewhere in your body. Great don’t you think?

Still more amazing is that scientifically much is still unknown about clenbuterol, for instance they don’t know how the drug actually prevents the breakdown of muscle mass.


But scientists do know that clenbuterol actually boost lean muscle mass even if not as strong as anabolic steroids. According to research, it may also stimulate muscle protein synthesis.                    

Bottom line

Athletes and bodybuilders don’t just flock to something that may help them promote their different goals and ambitions. They are attracted by something which they’ve actually taken and actually experienced the results, which to them is a mindboggling reality of something that actually works! That’s the reason why athletes use clenbuterol for performance.