Why is clenbuterol the current rage among bodybuilders?

Have you ever personally seen the amazing physique that a bodybuilder who uses clenbuterol has to show for it after using the drug and exercising so much? If you have, then you’ll understand one of the main reasons for the popularity of clenbuterol among bodybuilders and be able to answer the question: Why is clenbuterol the current rage among body builders?

Clenbuterol and cutting edge solution to losing fat

That clenbuterol can help a person lose his/her fat fast while keeping the muscles tone intact and even pronounced have already been alluded to.

However, the good point of clenbuterol doesn’t stop there because for both animals and humans it has been affirmed by research that clenbuterol can also do three fantastic processes which are shown below:

  • Raises metabolic rate
  • Triggers fat burning
  • Stimulates muscle protein synthesis

What these three processes collectively do is they actually assist you in retaining lean muscle mass while you lose your calories in the form of fat. The outcome of this is the reason why clenbuterol has proved so popular among bodybuilders.

Others have downplayed these good effects in favor of clenbuterol and while they may hold water, there’s no denying the fact that clenbuterol does eliminate fat at the rate of at least half a pound each week.

The clenbuterol cycle is simple to follow

Generally speaking most people who use clen take it over a period of from 4 to 12 weeks but they take it more often in 4 to 6 weekly cycles. Because of this a six weekly cycle will look something like this:

1st Week:take clen
2nd Week:take clen
3rd Week:take clen
4th Week:take clen
5th Week:take clen
6th Week:take clen
7th Week:don’t take clen
8th Week:don’t take clen

What many bodybuilders do is they also increase dosages over the course of each cycle. For instance if there are two cycles over a 6 day period of say 3 days each, a dose of 20 mcg would be taken for the first 3 days and a dose of 30 mcg would be taken for the second 3 days as shown below:

1st day: 20 mcg
2nd day: 20 mcg
3rd day: 20 mcg
4th day: 20 mcg
5th day: 20 mcg
6th day: 20 mcg

If there’s an additional 3 days in the cycle of 3 days each, the dosages would continue to the next level of dosage which is the 40 mcg dose as indicated below:

1st day: 20 mcg
2nd day: 20 mcg
3rd day: 20 mcg
4th day: 20 mcg
5th day: 20 mcg
6th day: 20 mcg
7th day: 20 mcg
8th day: 20 mcg
9th day: 20 mcg

It follows then that for successive 3 day sets, the dosage would keep increasing by 3 days per cycle until 4 cycles of 3 days each reach say the 12th day.

However, if the cycles are changed to 6 days per cycle then there would only be two increments of 6 days each for the cycle beginning after the 12th day and you’d have a different set of days and dosages as shown below:

13st day: 30 mcg
14nd day: 30 mcg
15rd day: 30 mcg
16th day: 30 mcg
17th day: 30 mcg
18th day: 30 mcg
19th day: 30 mcg
20th day: 30 mcg
21st day: 30 mcg
22nd day: 30 mcg
23rd day: 30 mcg
24th day: 30 mcg

It has been found that when the dosage is increased, fat loss is accelerated. However it’s not a simple thing to do to keep track of your doses and sometimes it may cause an overdose, an oversight which you never want to commit as it tends to be a dangerous and frightening experience.

If you do lapse during your cycles and suffer from overdosing, you should be warned that there have been many cases where those who overdose find themselves on the floor of their home with a palpitating heart beat and high temperature.

In view of the above, it would be prudent if you kept a meticulous control of your dosage and steer clear of taking an overdose of clenbuterol. You should also set up a ready contact with your doctor or online pharmacist to explain more about the cycles mentioned above.

But is clenbuterol safe?

It’s not a secret that much of the study on clenbuterol has focused almost entirely on treating animals. It’s therefore not surprising that its efficacy as a treatment for humans is still mostly unknown.

However, there are some who believe it’s bad for the heart and that it has a long list of side effects which are also quiet common for other drug medications. We will discuss these cases in another article.

The side effects of clenbuterol

Here is a list of possible side effects for clenbuterol:

      • Heartburn
      • Headache
      • Increased sweating
      • Facial flushing
      • Insomnia
      • Dry mouth
      • Lightheadedness
      • Drowsiness
      • Muscle cramps
      • Dizziness
      • Vomiting
      • Nervousness
      • Chest pain
      • Nausea

It should be noted that the sensitivity of people to clenbuterol varies but it stands to reason that most of them will experience some issues when they use it.

 Can you legally buy clenbuterol?

The answer is yes, you can legally buy, sell and own clenbuterol today in the United States and most other countries in the world.

It’s really because those who manufacture the drug aren’t permitted to count them with other products that are earmarked for human use such as supplements for bodybuilding for example.

While the drug is legal to buy and own, it’s banned in nearly all organized sport for fear that it may actually improve the performance of athletes.

The IOC for instance and even the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) both ban the use of clenbuterol but despite the bans, and despite the assertion that clenbuterol doesn’t really enhance performance, athletes have nevertheless been caught red handed in using the drug.

What about other alternatives to clenbuterol?

Other available medical alternatives to clenbuterol are at best highly dubious, far too expensive and definitely not in league with clenbuterol in so far as effectiveness goes. There are of course no safer or more effective alternative supplements for clenbuterol.

There are three natural alternatives that may help in melting the fat from the body:

      • Yohimbine – which is a pre-workout fat burner supplement
      • Caffeine – which is also another pre-workout supplement
      • Synephrine – which is a fat burning supplement


Bottom line

It’s obvious that many negative reports, attitudes and historical information on clenbuterol appear to have overshadowed the merits of this useful drug medication. It’s equally clear that clenbuterol can effectively do what bodybuilders need, which is to provide lean muscles even while they’re burning fat to get slimmer. No wonder clenbuterol is a rage with bodybuilders.