An Integrated Guide for Clenbuterol Cycles

Whatever you have in mind to do, you should never start it without a set plan. If you want to set up a business, you’ll need a business plan, a training schedule if you’re an athlete, or a perfect guide for using drugs such as clenbuterol which. incidentally, is controlled by cycles. Having a good cycle guideline for using clenbuterol is crucial to your success and that’s why this article is titled: The ultimate guide for clenbuterol cycles.

The Clenbuterol Cycles

In this guide are three different categories of people whose situations are addressed according to the way they should take clenbuterol to achieve their goals.

The structuring for the guide encompasses three categories of drug users starting from the Beginner User, Intermediate User and the Advanced User.

Each category of users revolve around a 2-week rotation cycle with given dosages of clenbuterol given for the first, second, third and so on until the end of the first cycle is reached and where the second cycle begins.

Before we actually delve into the dynamics of the cycles, it’s prudent to take notice that for men, dosages should never exceed 140 mcg per day while dosages for women should not exceed 100 mcg.

You should also note that should you experience any difficulties and uncertainties about these cycles, you should contact your doctor or online pharmacist for clarifications.

Using the cycles for taking clenbuterol

The method requires that the user integrates integrate the dosages of clenbuterol starting with dose of roughly 20 mcg (microgram over a period of 2 weeks followed by 2 weeks when clenbuterol is not taken.

After the 2 weeks “off” from clenbuterol, users again resume their taking of clenbuterol for another 2 weeks.

This taking of clenbuterol should continue along the 2 week rotation cycle until the end of whatever dieting schedule is being followed.

Another point to note is that the first dose of 20 mcg will need to be increased after two or three days during the 2 weeks period of taking clenbuterol. This will continue until the maximum dose is reached.

As a user and for your own good, you should decide the maximum dosage you can take in collaboration with your doctor or online pharmacist.

In a nutshell then, you should have 2 weeks during which you take clenbuterol followed by a break of two weeks “off” clenbuterol, followed by 2 weeks of taking the drug. It’s an “on”-“off”-“on” 2 weeks cycle starting with 20 mcg and increased during the  “on” 2 weeks cycle until the maximum dose is reached.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced levels


DaysDosageIncrements (clen)
1 – 320 mcg per dayfor women, 5 mcg
4 – 730 mcg per day
8 – 1140 mcg per day
12 – 1450 mcg per day


DaysDosageIncrements (clen)
1 – 320 mcgfor women, 10 mcg
4 – 740 mcg
8 – 1160 mcg
12 – 1480 mcg
Days Dosage Increments (clen)
1 – 3 40 mcg for women, 10 mcg
4 – 7 70 mcg
8 – 11 100 mcg
12 – 14 130 mcg

Another version of the Clenbuterol Cycle

As individuals, people are different in many aspects so having another version of the clenbuterol cycle may close the gap between those differences and provide treatment for a greater number of people who want to avail themselves of the drugs fat burning capability.

This second version is similar to the first version above in having the three categories of Beginner, intermediate and Advance but different in having weeks instead of days for applying increments of 20 mcg across the board.

The second version also differentiates males from females with different increments of 5 mcg and 10 mcg for females as opposed to 20 mcg increments for males. As a result two diagrams emerge as our clenbuterol cycles below:


WeeksClenbuterol – BClenbuterol – 1Clenbuterol – A
1 – 320 mcg per day40 mcg per day60 mcg per day
4 – 640 mcg per day60 mcg per day80 mcg per day
7 – 960 mcg per day80 mcg per day100 mcg per day
10 – 1280 mcg per day100 mcg per day120 mcg per day
13 – 15100 mcg per day120 mcg per day140 mcg per day
Weeks Clenbuterol – B Clenbuterol – 1 Clenbuterol – A
1 – 3 20 mcg per day 20 mcg per day 20 mcg per day
4 – 6 30 mcg per day 30 mcg per day 40 mcg per day
7 – 9 40 mcg per day 45 mcg per day 60 mcg per day
10 – 12 50 mcg per day 60 mcg per day 80 mcg per day
13 – 15 60 mcg per day 70 mcg per day 100 mcg per day

The figures showing the doses and the increments in the above cycles are fairly simple to understand and there’s also room to maneuver with the increments by making them smaller so that they last longer and the metabolism is revved over a longer time frame.

For example you could reduce the increments from 5 to 2.5 mcg every two or three weeks instead of leaving them at 5 mcg or increase them by 10 mcg for the women.

So what you actually get by manipulating the increments is not so much that of witnessing an immediate effect of clenbuterol inside your body, but instead, you have a situation where the drug is going to last for a longer period of time.

Of course this change may benefit the lives of some users depending on how long they intend to stay on their diet. If they are on a long diet, then the longer the clenbuterol can last the better.

So what is the best way to take clenbuterol?

Many people have actually raised the question of what is the best way to take clenbuterol but because this is a different topic altogether from the ones we’ve been discussing, it would be better to deal with it as a different heading for another blog.


Bottom line

The article has gone to some length in describing the kind of guidelines that can adopted for the clenbuterol cycles that can be used by men and women. There are different types of guidelines that can be used to satisfy the needs of many people, male and female, in their quest for a slimmer and lighter body not forgetting that for women, an attractive body may just do the trick of snaring a potential partner.